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About Us

MAC Adventures was born from our love of sport, activity and nature!

We understand there are many options for children and parents these days, which is why we have tried to create a program and environment that truly inspires!

For the past 6 years you have continued to support our efforts, which we truly appreciate and hope you enjoy our programs, and will love what we do!

We have been involved in sports all our lives and truly believe that exercise and physical activity is crucial to a child's development! 

We truly believe in enticing and nurturing the creativity and brilliant individualism of each and every child, and allowing them to express themselves into who they really are and who they want to be!

We believe sport and physical activity is a wonderful means to express yourself!   A child should be free and able to enjoy being active!

Our 'Sports and Nature' summer camps involve individual and group activities, as children learn new sports, develop new skills and interests, as well as develop an understanding and appreciation of nature

We continue to offer specialist 'Soccer Skills' programs through SPA Soccer in the Winter, Spring and Summer, which allows focused skill development in technical based sessions, aimed at improving the overall skill level of the player, as well as confidence and comfort on the ball.

MAC Adventures allows each child to participate at their own level and to develop as an individual and as a team member.  MAC Adventures promotes the benefits of being active, and developing positive social, mental, spiritual, and physical skills!

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you..............

MAC Adventures Directors and Instructors:

Chris Calveley:  Current Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher; MA & BA in Sports Science; Experienced Academy, Club and High School Varsity Soccer Coach, as well as Physical Education and Health Teacher, developed soccer and track and field programs into schools; Professional Soccer coaching and playing experience; CPR, AED and First Aid Certified; Experienced marathoner; Special Olympics New Jersey coach. NSCAA, USSF, and Scottish Football Association Coaching certificates.

Megan Calveley:  BA in Social Behavioral Science; Experienced Classroom teacher; CPR Certified; Competitive runner and experienced marathoner.


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